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JPE Services is a one stop company for your projects needs proving a wide range of services for industrial automation and information systems, including project management, commissioning services, consulting and technical translations (mostly in Italian and Russian).
Our mission is to support our clients in all the different aspects of the project, with the integration of project management with engineering and support services.
Our specific expertise in ORSI Automation SCADA (Cube) and process control products (PMC) makes us the ideal partner for migration projects that are related to ORSI legacy products.
Technical Services
JPE's services range from specification analysis, engineering, application development & PLC programming, project management, commissioning to application support and training.
Our services include:
  • Industrial automation independent advisor services
  • Specification review
  • Project Management
  • DCS Engineering 
  • PLC programming & control
  • HMI/SCADA design
  • Historian applications
  • Commissioning
  • Application support
  • Training (application oriented educational services or ORSI legacy products training)



Technical Translation Services   

We provide high quality technical translation services into Italian, Russian and English since 1994. All our translators are professionally qualified, native speakers (Italian and Russian) with complete fluency in English.



Our dual expertise in industrial engineering and language knowledge makes JPE the ideal partner for technical translations focused on industrial automation, transportation, SCADA/PLC software applications, software localization, operator manuals and scientific translations in general.



We are available to evaluate translation projects as well as provide translation services on-demand as freelance.


Educational Services

JPE's experience includes specific expertise for this line of products for which we provide hands-on educational services.
Our expertise includes:


ORSI PMC (Programmable Multifunction Controller):

  • Series 1, Series 5, Series 8, Series 10,
  • Series 15, Series 20
  • CP16 (controller for Rockwell Automation I/O)
  • OpenPMC Lite, Open PMC xx1, xx2, xx3, xx4
  • T-Boards (TIP, TRL, TAIP, TAOP, TENC etc..)



  • Graphiter
  • Functional keyboard (KBD2, KBD8)
  • Cube/Graphiter modules (NET8, NET18, SER8 cards)
  • Cube vers. 2.xx
  • Cube vers. 3.xx
  • Cube vers. 4.xx
  • Cube XBatch vers 3.x
  • Cube XBatch vers 4.x



  • SIMATIC IT Historian 5.x
  • SIMATIC IT Historian 6.x


SIEMENS Energy (SPPA-T3000)

  • SPPA-T3000
  • S7-400, ET200M, control system components