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ORSI Systems Upgrade & Conversion Analysis

After the acquisition by SIEMENS A&D, ORSI Group has basically discontinued most of the DCS products (PMC) and migrated some of the software products/components (Cube) into SIMATIC IT Historian Basic. Today after almost a decade there is a need to explore the possibility to migrate the ORSI legacy applications to more recent "off-the-shelf" products & solutions.
JPE SERVICES can provide the required expertise to approach upgrade or conversion projects, to:
      • minimize the downtime,
      • re-use part of the existing software application (PMC Logics, Libraries, HMI),
      • identify the proper solution to keep the existing control cabinets and consequently reduce the I/O test phase
      • provide the necessary support & supervision during the engineering and start-up phase


Initial analysis:

To facilitate the initial approach to an upgrade or conversion project we have developed some dedicated questionnaires. These forms will allow JPE to provide some basic recommendation on how to approach the migration and the potential risks involved.


T-Boards I/O conversion:

Usually one of the biggest challenges in a migration project is to minimize the wiring & test activities, and as consequence of that reduce the startup phase.

Most of the ORSI customers are using T-Boards I/O modules installed in a 19" rack and their natural conversion path is to replace them with ET200M.

If you are interested to get more information for a bump less conversion approach of your T-Boards, contact JPE SERVICES and provide us the following data:

  • PMC I/O List
  • PMC Electrical drawings
  • Cube/SIMATIC IT application backup
  • Some pictures of your PMC cabinets (T-Rack front & back)

OpenPMC to PCS7:

SIEMENS has developed some basic migration tools for applications developed for OpenPMC to PCS7, for more information:



ORSI and SIMATIC IT Historian application support & educational services

Our 20+ years of experience in ORSI and SIEMENS products gives us the opportunity to provide technical support services as well as design custom application oriented training classes.
Training requests:
  • Fill-up and submit both questionnaires (SCADA and Process control),
  • Fill-up and submit the Service Request form
  • Notify us about your request sending an email to us using the form available on our "Contact Us" web page

Support requests:

  • Fill-up and submit the SCADA questionnaire (for software problems),
  • Fill-up and submit the Process Control questionnaire (for hardware problems),
  • Fill-up and submit the Support Request form,
  • Notify us about your request sending an email to us using the form available on our "Contact Us" web